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The business philosophy of Xianglong Group is a new business philosophy put forward on the basis of co-creation, sharing and win-win after 10 years of business reform practice. It aims to build future development in the next 20 years and establish a standardized, transparent, scientific and perfect A modern enterprise system that keeps pace with the times, establishes a new management system, builds core competitiveness of the brand around quality, innovation and service, and achieves sustainable growth with profitability.


First, the large enterprises are small, and at the same time, they are large in scale, flexible and efficient.


To make the enterprise small is not simply to make the company small. It is to split the company into multiple independent accounting units and operate with small units.


After the company grows to a certain scale, it will encounter situations that are beyond the reach of management. If we still insist on the management of the old centralized mode, it will inevitably trigger the "big enterprise disease": the difficulty of recruiting workers, the difficulty of management, the overstaffing of people, corruption, unworked labor, waste, etc., resulting in high operating costs, leading to the decline of enterprises.


The small-scale management system is a change from management to management, and the problem of liberating management rights is too concentrated. Let the management rights be manipulated in the hands of every operator and consciously do the work of “five plus two, white plus black”.


The company is a platform. Independent operation enables each operator to have flexible business space. At the same time, the company has scale and flexibility. It is both an operator and a manager, and both can achieve high efficiency.


The advantages of small business operations are: the ability to liberate management, simplify management, reduce management costs, increase the enthusiasm of operators, and make operations flexible and efficient.


Second, through independent accounting, the boss is easy to see through the enterprise


Independent accounting is a performance data management model between the company and the department. It uses big data to manage the business units and allows the operating units to operate within a controllable range.


Independent accounting is the independent accounting of each business unit, not the independent accounting of legal persons. The independent business unit is accounted for, and the transparency of each business unit's financial transactions is high, and the stratified operation management boss is more likely to see the business situation. The small unit financial independent accounting, using the big data system to monitor the revenue and expenditure of each number, to guide the operation to prevent operational risk.


The business unit's independent accounting is detailed and the operators can see clearly. Let the operators know what can be done? What can't be done? Which of these adjustments to the business model, big data in the system set the operating profit red line, easy to sort out the problems existing in the business, quickly find a solution.


The benefits of independent accounting of the department are: the ability to reduce small business risks, the bosses can see their operating profit margin through the big data system, and the monthly and quarterly operations are losses.


Third, the whole staff is the "boss", making management simple


Under the company's big platform, according to the company's operating mechanism, everyone has the opportunity to do business or team operations in an independent accounting unit, and to be a "boss".


Mass entrepreneurship and innovation are the original intention of promoting all employees to be bosses. Enterprises must be innovative and create higher profits, and they need employees and operators with a sense of "boss".


First of all, training is required. Let all the staff become "bosses", the premise is that the new business personnel who join the company, through the company's business school different business category marketing learning, a series of business skills training.


Second, we must practice improvement. Practice is the standard for testing business capabilities. The company puts the operators with dreams into the talent incubation center, and conducts business practice and performance evaluation through different categories, so that the operators can meet the company's customized standards and grow into truly qualified management personnel.


Finally become a collaborator. When the operator meets the company's customized standards, he can become a shareholder of the company. The shareholder's income is not a simple salary, but a profit and a dividend. The operator can truly experience the ownership of the master.


In the company's business can achieve their own pursuit and value, so that many young people who embrace their dreams can do their own "boss" under the company's platform.


Realizing the "boss" of all employees, the management mode of the enterprise has changed from the administrative management mode to the business management mode, thus greatly reducing a series of management costs. By allowing operators to operate and manage, management can be simplified.


The advantage of being a "boss" for all members is to change the mindset of the operators and change the mode of operation. Under the company's big platform, we can have our own management rights. As long as we want to be a boss, the participating operators can achieve their own wishes. From working attitude to becoming a boss mentality, I can do it for myself and manage myself. One person is eager for success and management can be simple.


Fourth, internal marketization, everyone becomes an operator


The internal marketization is to dismantle the internal management wall of the group company, so that each of the internal operators is a customer, and the operators use their respective superior resources to continuously copy and enlarge through internal transmission, and improve the efficiency through market-oriented operation.


Before the internal marketization was implemented, due to the intervention by administrative orders, production and management often showed uneven pressure transmission, internal infarction, lack of attendance, material waste, wasted time, lack of loyalty, and even dialed one turn. The phenomenon. Some departments have a weak sense of self-sustainability and development, and their internal explosive power is insufficient. At the same time, due to the lack of uniformity of responsibility and responsibility, resulting in lax restrictions in management, internal marketization can solve the above problems well.


After the internal marketization, everyone becomes an operator. The status of business has changed, and its obligations have changed from the past, and operators have actually formed an equivalent exchange. Everyone in the company has resources in hand, internal commodity information, price, and settlement advantages are concentrated, and the operators themselves can quickly connect to the external market. Many procedures such as request, report, approval, and execution of operations have been reduced. Market economy, time is money, internal, up and down, open up the business channels, providing time and space for business transactions, while using economic leverage to adjust and standardize the economic relationship between business units.


When everyone becomes an operator, the company's internal operations have changed from a management model to a business management model, plugging loopholes, tapping potential from the inside, and making the internal and external operations develop in a balanced manner.


The advantages of internal marketization are: the company expands the business space inside and outside, the operators can really operate according to the market price, and the internal management can stimulate everyone's fighting spirit through appropriate competition.


Five, small accounting unit, breaking the big pot rice


The small accounting unit separates a large number of independent accounting departments and independent accounting units, and uses small departments to calculate separate docking markets.


Before the small accounting operation, it is a large collective management operation. The management expenses and operating expenses are very high. It is difficult to distinguish the responsibilities, the performance is difficult to calculate, and finally the loss is the company's, the distribution mechanism is imperfect, and the benefits are low.


The small-scale accounting operation is to change the operating mechanism, and it is the principle of more work and more. With the small department as the accounting unit and the accounting department directly linked to the market, the independent income and expenditure accounting, business profit or loss, become quite clear. Using the economic lever of "interest-driven" and "interest-constrained", the basic operation mode of "dividing the stove" is to break the business model of a large number of pots and pans.


After operating the unit, the operators will see how much profit they have for each business. Each operator can operate according to the goals set by himself, and the autonomy of management is greater. Everyone is an operator, truly breaking the mode of operation of the big pot and liberating the management.


The advantages of the small accounting unit are: the accounting unit is small, the operation is flexible, easy to manage, and convenient for accounting. The operator can experience the pleasure of self-management while operating on a large platform. It can work more and more, and can maximize the performance of personal management. .


Sixth, authorized operation, liberate the boss


Authorized operation is the main body of the company to decentralize the independent accounting business unit, through the signing of relevant management, sales, technology and other aspects of the contract, so that operators get some management, management control authority.


After authorization to operate, enterprises can downplay administrative management to save administrative costs, strengthen management and improve efficiency. The boss's strongest and best situation will be twenty or thirty years. People will be old and the strongest will have a weak time. If a company wants to prosper, it must give others opportunities, make everyone strong, and the company's operators are all powerful, then the company is the most powerful.


Defining the subject of property rights and management rights has created conditions for further clearing the boundaries of creditor's rights. Authorization, distribution of money, and training of management personnel are the further liberation of management rights. The boss's mind is to achieve others, to benefit his spirit, to let others make a career, and to let others earn money in business.


Adjust the organizational structure of the enterprise, optimize the internal resource allocation, and create conditions for economies of scale. Liberating management rights means liberating the boss himself, not setting a barrier for himself, handing over the innovation of development and business model to the team, handing over the responsibility to the team, integrating the talent resources, making the marketing process, dare to divide the money, and also pay dividends, of course. Also dare to share.


The liberation of management rights is to liberate the boss, the old model boss is often the biggest marketer, likes to manage marketing, likes to do marketing. On the surface, it is to give employees an example. In fact, they are afraid of losing customers, fearing that employees will take away customers, and thus personally cultivate their feelings with customers, resulting in a phenomenon that must be done.


The more the boss participates in marketing management, the slower the marketing platform is created, the marketing of these things, to the well-trained business to do, for them to design mechanisms to activate their dreams, such a team is invincible.


Authorized management, the advantage of liberating the boss is: the boss puts down the heavy burden and gives it to a thousand people to pick, authorize and put down the burden is the same, is the process of the boss self-cultivation, but also the time to truly verify the self-power. When you think about vacationing at the seaside, the corporate team is full of power. This situation must be socializing the enterprise, not the corporate boss.


Seven, everyone will settle accounts and create high profits


Everyone will account for each manager to think, make decisions, act like the boss, use the same cost, sales are getting higher and higher; to achieve the same sales, the cost is getting lower and lower.


Accounting is to serve the profit, everyone will be accounted for from the vitality of the business unit, focusing on the overall promotion of the company to deal with rapid market price changes, control of profit margins. Everyone involved in the business must have this account in mind, and will be profitable after the account is settled.


Analysis can reduce the number of people by 20%, whether 50% of the work is not saturated, the lack of system execution, the waste of materials and supplies is at least 2 points of profit, only the hands and feet of employees, the brain of employees Peace and mind have not been effectively developed, this is not everyone will be accounted for.


Everyone will settle accounts by tying the profit and personal interests of the operators to the sales performance, so that the operators know what they want to do. One person will not be able to settle accounts. If a group of people will settle accounts, everyone will create higher profits for themselves. Promote the rapid development of the company.


Like the old-fashioned train, the traditional concept of 80 km / h, the entire train is a power system; everyone will account, like the high-speed rail train, 300 km / h innovative concept can fly on the high railway, each car has a power system. The power source is driven by the interests, the tradition is for the company, the working attitude, the people are overstaffed, and the work is not effective. The big pot rice cannot objectively evaluate the contribution and results of the operators.


Every operator cares about profits, and everyone's centripetal force is to serve the center of profit, and each business unit creates higher profits. The company can innovate and continue to develop.


Everyone will calculate the benefits: it can encourage every operator of the company to think about how to run the product, how to manage itself, truly enjoy the feeling of splitting the farm to the household, consciously master the business, clearly understand the market, cost, cost and profit, and reduce losses. risk.


Eight, cultivate business talents consistent with the boss's philosophy


The operator is in line with the boss's management philosophy and can fully implement the boss's ideas, decisions and systems. It is not enough to have a heart with the boss. You must have higher ability and quality. Otherwise, the boss will not do well.


When the concept of the operator is not consistent with the concept advocated by the company.


First, we must always organize business managers to learn the company philosophy. The business philosophy is the theoretical and practical basis for the company's business development. By continuously learning the company's business philosophy, raising awareness, achieving unity in thinking, and making everyone's goals consistent.


The second is to change through business school training. Every year, we will learn and train new talents. Learning is not only about learning business methods, various professional skills, but also fostering emotional communication and communication with the majority of operators, reducing the gap to reach a consensus, and narrowing down the management from different levels. The gap with the boss concept.


The third is to let business managers participate in the company's cultural construction. Through the participation of all members in the company's cultural activities, all members of the company have a common value, learn to care for people, respect people, understand people and trust people. The formation of corporate group consciousness has a consistent goal of struggle, forming a centripetal force and becoming a combative whole.


To cultivate business talents that are consistent with the boss's philosophy, enterprise development has a centripetal force and cohesiveness.


Cultivating “loyal employees” is the foundation of cohesive strength. Only when the vision of the company and the employees are unified, the employees will be loyal to the company from the heart and loyal to the development of the company. Realize the participation of all employees in the business philosophy.


The purpose of small business operations is to enhance the core competitiveness of the business. The core competitiveness has left partners and shareholders, and the internal power resource effect cannot be effectively integrated and amplified. Let employees be loyal to customers. First, the boss must be loyal to the employees, so that the operators are willing to serve customers and create value for the company. The enterprise is also a "person". It is composed of many individuals. It is necessary to be grateful to everyone who cares about us, including loyal customers and peers who have a competitive relationship with the business. It is with them that the company will continue to develop. .


The enterprise has a group of business talents that are consistent with the boss's business philosophy: the ability to fully promote and implement the boss's ideas, decisions, and systems, and better achieve the company's strategic goals.

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